MCB Urges Home Secretary to Set Up Inquiry

02 May 2007

Amid ever increasing discrepancies in the official accounts of the London bombings the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has written to the Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, urging him to establish an independent inquiry into those events.

‘It is of crucial importance that we find out in an objective manner the reasons that led those young people to perpetrate their atrocity’ said secretary general Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari. ‘We cannot begin to address this phenomenon unless we know its causes’, he added.

The MCB strongly supports the requests by survivors of the bombings, their relatives and civil society organisations for a full inquiry. The Government owes it to the British people to appoint a Statutory Inquiry in accordance with the Inquiries Act 2005, which provides for inquires into events that ’cause public concern.’

‘We wish to make it absolutely clear that the sole purpose for this call is to ascertain the truth and not the indictment of the government or any public agency’, Dr Abdul Bari said. The MCB’s support for a statutory judicial inquiry is a demonstration of its unequivocal support for effective measures to counter terrorism.