MCB to launch ‘Voices from the Minaret’

11 May 2006

The Muslim Council of Britain is pleased to announce the launch of its independent report, ‘Voices from the Minaret’, on Saturday 13 May 2006 at The Islamic Centre, Didsbury Mosque, Manchester. The report is the product of a wide ranging consultation and research into mosques and imams in the UK conducted by an independent research consultancy on behalf of the MCB’s Mosque and Community Affairs committee.

`It is fair to say that in Britain, mosques have enjoyed the same autonomy as other places of worship. However, the tragedy of 7/7 spawned new and aggressive thinking in some quarters. These quarters contend that mosques and imams require close attention in the ‘war on terrorism’.

Our report offers practical and acceptable solutions to the issues facing mosques and imams in the UK through consultation with those in the position to effect the necessary changes for the proper functioning and flourishing of spiritual guidance for Muslims in Britain’, said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, MCB Secretary General.

The report highlights the concerns of the Muslim community, and those employed in its places of worship, on the altered environment in which they now operate; particularly since the consultation floated by the Government on the ‘Closure of Places of Worship’ last year. The report recommends ways in which mosques and imams may be assisted with a view to improve their contributions and performance. In facilitating the improvement and harmonisation of standards, the report recommends the setting up of an advisory body that is chosen by, works for, and is accountable to, the British Muslim community.