MCB responds to PM Gordon Brown’s speech on anti-terror measures

14 Nov 2007

The Muslim Council of Britain warmly welcomes the statement today by the Prime Minister to address public security and protection while ensuring that Britain remains cohesive and proud of its multi -faith and multicultural composition.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General of the MCB welcomed measures to increase public security and protection at rail stations, airports and shopping centres.

`These are clearly sensible proposals designed to protect all of us from the terror threat. As such they deserve the support of all sections of our society. We remain unconvinced though of the need to increase the current period for detention of suspects before trial. However we feel reassured by the tone of the comments made by the Prime Minister in this regard in that he is committed to a consensual approach.

We believe that there is compelling evidence which demonstrates that even the 28 day period has caused wholly unjustified and overlong detention of many persons.

Detention of innocent persons fuels anger and alienation and despite the enormity of the threat and potential for harm, the MCB urges agencies responsible for implementing legislation on anti-terror to bear in mind that gaining and retaining the confidence of communities is critical to their work. Terrorism has no faith, and we must all redouble our collective effort to deny any succour to its recruiting sergeants. The MCB stands ready and willing to assist in every way it can.’

The increased support that the government has announced for efforts to tackle extremism at the grassroots level is also to be welcomed. We urge the government that in seeking delivery of this essential work at the grass roots level, it must choose its partners with care and good sense ensuring that properly engaged and representative bodies are enlisted for support.’, said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

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2. MCB is one of the founding members of Mosques and Imams National Advisory Body (MINAB), see:

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