MCB Offers Support for Luton before EDL March this Weekend

04 Feb 2011

This week, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) offered its support for the local communities of Luton who are told to expect a march by the English Defence League (EDL) this weekend.

The MCB deplores the attempt by the EDL and its spokespeople to stoke up fear and hatred in the heartland of our peaceful communities by announcing a march this weekend in Luton, where the group first formed.

The EDL’s latest, cynical and hypocritical attempt on Newsnight ( on Tuesday evening to pass itself off as the champion of an inclusive multicultural and inter faith Britishness – embracing of Sikh, Jewish and Christian communities and imperilled by Islam and Muslims – would be laughable if it were not so tragic in its consequences. The EDL no more represents the interests of minority faith communities than it does the working classes of this country, White, Black or Asian.

MCB’s Secretary General, Mr Farooq Murad, said ‘The EDL’s ‘marches’ not only wreak havoc in towns and neighbourhoods across the country, they threaten to rent asunder the very fabric of our common society’. He added ‘The EDL’s racism is blatant and so must be our common front in the denunciation of the EDL’s racist targeting of Muslims’.

MCB is pleased to hear positive reports from its affiliates of the police’s community engagement in Luton and hopes that this continues during and after the protests. We join our affiliates in urging for young people to stay away from the demonstrations and to refuse the inevitable provocation that the EDL marches bring.