MCB Holds Fringe Meeting At Liberal Democrats Party Conference

22 Sep 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain is holding a fringe meeting today at the Liberal Democrats Party conference to discuss how political parties can ‘Connect with British Muslim Voters’.

Daud Abdullah, the Assistant Secretary-General of the MCB, will talk about the growing political awareness and activism among British Muslims following the war against Iraq and say:

“The new electoral landscape suggests Muslim voters are increasingly politically active and willing to take part in the electoral process and the democratic culture of our country.”

Mr Abdullah will outline three key domestic policy concerns of British Muslims: the need to outlaw religious discrimination; measures to tackle high levels of poverty and social exclusion in Muslim communities; and concern about the curtailment of civil liberties and the targeting by the authorities of Muslim organisations and individuals.

Mr Abdullah will also emphasise how “Muslims feel that Islamophobia manifests itself institutionally and through the political and cultural discourse of our country. It affects Muslims deeply, whether it be through violence directed at them; through discrimination at work or through the provision of goods and services; institutionally or through political and cultural discourse”.

The other panellists at the meeting will include: Lord Dholakia, Lembit Opik MP and Fiyaz Mughal, Chair – Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats (EMLD).


Note for Editors:

The Muslim Council of Britain ( is the UK’s representative Muslim umbrella body with over 400 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and schools.

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