MCB Deplores Suspension of Mayor

24 Feb 2006

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) strongly deplores the suspension of London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone from his duties. The decision was taken by an independent adjudication tribunal into remarks made by the Mayor to an Evening Standard reporter last year.

Secretary-General, Sir Iqbal Sacranie said, “This decision constitutes a clear over reaction and an affront to our democratic traditions. He is a committed anti-racist campaigner of longstanding. We are proud to stand by him and hope to see this ridiculous verdict overturned shortly.’

Twice elected with overwhelming mandates from the people of London, Mayor Livingstone has been a unifying force and staunch defender of Londoners, not least after they were attacked on 7/7.

The MCB reaffirms its fullest support for Mayor Livingstone in his efforts to promote security, prosperity and cohesion between London’s diverse ethnic and religious communities.