MCB Deplores Islam4UK Proposed March

15 Oct 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)deplores the proposed march by Islam4UK, a front organisation of extremist fringe group al-Muhajiroun, as a deliberate action to provoke hatred and division in society. It risks sparking violence and masks the real threat from rising Islamophobia and far right fascists like the EDL and BNP. The MCB is appalled at the amount of coverage given to fringe group’s call by the Daily Express which has wrongly characterised their demands as those of Muslims generally. The overwhelming majority of British Muslims want nothing to do with such extremists.

`It is very well known that these extremist groups are a handful of people and do not represent the views of mainstream Muslim public. Despite that, certain sections of the media choose to give them disproportionate attention, giving them the oxygen of publicity and portray their views as those of Muslims. This is very irresponsible as it is bound to create further tension; it risks fuelling Islamophobia which has resulted in increased attacks on British Muslims and their institutions and properties’, said Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The MCB respects the value of free speech in Britain and echoes the sentiments of many of its affiliates to ignore such provocations. The MCB calls on the authorities to ensure that if the Islam4UK Rally, and for that matter any group, provokes public disorder and an incitement of hatred, then the perpetrators should be prosecuted with due process.