MCB Condemns Israel’s Terrorist Murder of Shaykh Ahmad Yasin

22 Mar 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain condemns in the strongest terms Israel’s criminal assassination of Shaykh Ahmad Isma’il Yasin, the renowned Islamic scholar and founder of the leading Palestinian Resistance Movement – Hamas.

“This heinous act of state terrorism against this disabled man as he was leaving the mosque after the morning Fajr prayers is pushing the entire region ever closer to the abyss of mayhem and must be stopped,” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the MCB.

“We hold the international community and the US directly responsible for allowing the Israeli Occupation Forces to continue with its policy of wanton killing and terrorising of Palestinian civilians. No amount of military force and assassinations will bring about a Final Solution to the ‘Palestinian problem’,” added Iqbal Sacranie.

The MCB calls upon the British Government and its partners in the European Union to take immediate and effective measures to bring about an end to Israel’s decades-long illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories and uphold the rule of international law. The double standards being employed in the so-called War on Terror are only counterproductive and will not bring peace to the region or the wider world.

We call upon our government to use its special relationship with the United States to urge the Bush Administration to use their considerable financial and military leverage over Israel to comply with all the relevant UN Security Council resolutions which they have so blatantly defied over the years.

Our heartfelt prayers and commiserations go out to the Palestinian people in their struggle to live in peace, dignity and freedom in their own homeland.


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