MCB Calls On Government to ‘Think Again’ on Ruling Out a Public Inquiry

14 Dec 2005

The Muslim Council of Britain deeply regrets the Government’s decision to rule out holding a Public Inquiry into the July bombings.

`It is vital that we try and fully understand what happened on July 7th and 21st and also why it happened so that we can learn appropriate lessons about how to reduce the possibility of similar events taking place in the future. A Public Inquiry would surely be a far more robust method of looking into these issues and examining possible intelligence failings than the Government’s offer of a ‘narrative’ written by a civil servant. We believe that it is in our country’s wider national interest to hold a Public Inquiry and we call upon the Government to think again on this crucial matter’, said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The MCB notes that holding a Public Inquiry was also among the key recommendations put forward by the seven Muslim Working Groups established by the Home Office in the immediate aftermath of the July bombings. Given the enormity of the atrocities committed on July 7th, together with an understandable desire on the part of many of the families of the victims of that terrible day for a full explanation of what happened, it is imperative that a Public Inquiry be held.