The aim of this website is to provide a digital history of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), drawing on documents and records that can be placed in the public domain.

The MCB was inaugurated – after several years of community consultation – on November 23 1997 at the Brent Town Hall in Wembley by representatives of more than 250 Muslim organisations from all parts of Britain including Northern Ireland. The launch was organised by the National Interim Committee on Muslim Unity (NICMU), with joint convenors Sher Azam and Iqbal Sacranie. The MCB held its first annual meeting at the same venue in March 1998, electing Iqbal Sacranie as the first Secretary General.

This digital archive is regularly updated, ensuring information published on is retained, where appropriate, for the record.

The MCB is also in the process of assembling and collating its paper records in preparation for a cataloging project. The MCB also intends to make a call for MCB related papers and images in private collections for inclusion either in the paper or digital archive.

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