Luton Protestors do not Speak for Muslims

11 Mar 2009

The MCB is appalled at media reports of the scenes at a homecoming parade for British soldiers in Luton on 10th March 2009. This small minority do not speak for Muslims but instead provide fodder for Islamophobes keen to drive a wedge between Britons.

Secretary General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said, “Whilst we understand the deeply held and widespread opposition to the disastrous war in Iraq, the Muslim Council of Britain condemns any form of protest where individuals are harmed or threatened. The ‘protestors’ did not speak for the majority of people who opposed that war.”

“British soldiers are simply carrying out orders on behalf of the government of the day. They have endured and sacrificed much, and we are glad they are back home”, added Dr Abdul Bari.


Press Release of Luton Council of Mosques