Last minute plea against invading Iraq – Muslims meet Blair

05 Mar 2003

‘Please think hard and reconsider your position on invading Iraq. There is still time to return from the brink. You can help save not only the already blighted Iraqi people but also the whole world from the recurring collateral damage that such a war is going to inflict on the lives of people and the future of the world order.’

‘This invasion is not in British interests, neither is it going to serve the interest of the United States who can instead be a front leader in the cause of peace and freedom, justice and human rights.’

This is the sincere plea that the Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Iqbal Sacranie, is going to make when he, along with a few other Muslim community figures, meets Prime Minister, Tony Blair, on Thursday 6 March 2003.

The MCB’s position on the war is in TOTAL solidarity with the millions and millions of people who have marched and continue to march, in this country and across the globe, to voice their rejection of a war which is seen as an undisguised attempt to impose a neo-colonialist world order and occupy the lives and resources of the earth.

‘We are also unable to share the optimism that everything will be fine once Iraq is occupied and put under American or UN rule. It may hold for a while, but not for very long. It is the inexorable retreat which is going to hurt Britain more than anyone else. Although we seem to be dealing with a fait accompli, as the decision to invade has already been taken, we believe it is our moral and religious duty to convey our honest counsel to the Prime Minister.’

‘There can be no doubt about the problem of Saddam’s notoriously despotic regime or his yet-to-be-found weapons of mass destruction. However, these can be dealt with entirely peacefully. Saddam has not much time but we are not short of any. The diplomatic and political course have not run out. If we believe in peace we should not be impatient. There cannot be any rush for war.’

“On the other hand, the Prime Minister needs to concentrate his energies in persuading the United States, the main sponsor and supporter of Israeli militarism, to force Israel to comply with all the relevant UN resolutions on Jerusalem and Palestine and vacate its occupation of Palestinian territories and immediately cease forthwith the brutalisation of Palestinian people. A similar resolve is required for holding a UN supervised plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. These actions will usher a new era of peace and stability in the world.”┬ásaid Iqbal Sacranie.


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