Israel’s Unjustified Assault On Jericho Detention Centre Condemned

14 Mar 2006

The Muslim Council of Britain condemns the Israeli military assault today against a Jericho facility where Ahmad Sa’dat, the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), has been held since 2002. Under a special arrangement British and American observers had been monitoring safety and security at the prison until they were withdrawn early this morning, just prior to the Israeli aggression.

`The violent deployment of the Israeli army against a Palestinian civilian facility is totally unacceptable. What is worse is the fact that some Israeli politicians have seemingly embarked on this violent course of action as a cynical campaign stunt to try and win additional votes in the forthcoming Israeli elections at the expense of Palestinian lives and property,’ said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The MCB believes that this latest attack serves as a reminder that Israel continues to seek the subjugation of the Palestinian people through military means.

The MCB regards the burning down of the British Council offices in Gaza and the kidnapping of foreign citizens as totally wrong and counterproductive and urges the Palestinian nation not to be provoked by the actions of Israeli extremists.