Heavy Police Raid on Finsbury Park Mosque

20 Jan 2003

The Muslim Council of Britain has repeatedly stated there can be no two views either about terrorism or about using a place of worship for purposes other than what it is meant for. A Mosque is a house of God and no one has a right to abuse its sanctity.

British Muslims have for several years now been frustrated and angered by the inordinate amount of publicity that has been given to the fringe elements in the community. There are over 1000 mosques in the UK and yet the free publicity handed over to such individuals, contribute towards feeding Islamophobia.

While we await for full details to emerge about this morning’s heavy police raid on the St. Thomas Road Mosque, Finsbury Park, Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of The Muslim Council of Britain said:

“It is crucial that those detained are either charged and brought to the court or released immediately. To detain any individual for indefinite period without giving them the opportunity to defend themselves creates atmosphere of mistrust and undermines people’s confidence in our administration of law.”