Grave concern over military action

7th October 2001
The Muslim Council of Britain is deeply saddened and gravely concerned that Britain and the United States of America have begun military strikes against Afghanistan. Muslims together with the world community are concerned for the safety of innocent Afghan people.

The humanitarian needs, the right to self determination of the Afghan people, their long neglected need for peace, security and decent living standards must be the foremost concern. The people of Afghanistan neither planned nor perpetrated terror they must not be doubly victimised.

Military action alone cannot defeat terrorism we must move immediately to alternative strategies that in the long term can eradicate that evil from all societies. Diplomatic and humanitarian efforts must be urgently explored.

In these testing times we urge British Muslims to act with utmost patience and not let themselves be provoked. We also urge vigilance against acts of hate and Islamophobia directed at the Muslim community.

We urge all people to pray that the conflict be resolved swiftly to a just resolution.