Government Has A Duty Also To Help Prevent Spread of Extremist Ideas

20 Sep 2006

In response to the speech earlier today from the Home Secretary, John Reid, the Muslim Council of Britain firmly believes that all parents, both Muslims and non-Muslims, have an important responsibility in being vigilant and ensuring that their children are not misled by criminal and extremist elements in society.

However, the MCB notes that the government needs to also recognise the impact of some of its own policies, domestic and foreign, in contributing to the spread of extremist ideas.

“It is as though in response to the threat of Global Warming and the threat of rising water levels, the government were to ask all of us merely to place sandbags outside our homes to prevent flooding. Surely, the more sensible way forward would be to tackle the causes of Global Warming. Similarly, in continuing to ignore the damage that some of our foreign policies, particularly in the Middle East, have done to our national security, the government is not facing up to a major contributory factor behind the rise of extremism,” said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.