Engage the Vote

Engage the Vote

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  4. Becoming a Volunteer During the Coming General Election Campaign
    The MCB is an inclusive body that endeavours to represent the interests of all Muslims in Britain and aims to work for the common good of society as a whole. The MCB welcomes the skills, talents and resources of individuals interested in its work.

The next General Elections will be crucial for the British Muslim community. For British Muslims, the importance of being engaged in the debate and being heard could not be more important.

As in past elections, the Muslim Council of Britain will launch a series of exciting and innovative initiatives to engage the British Muslim vote and to convey key concern of the community to our policy advisors of various political/non-political organisations and of course politicians, prospective or otherwise. We invite volunteers to take part in this challenging effort to invigorate our community to participate in the democratic process and/or to lobby our politicians

MCB will not endorse any particular party or candidate. It will however convey the community’s concerns to politicians and policymakers, inform the debate and apprise the community of the issues at hand. MCB hopes to encourage Muslims to vote and vote knowing the issues at hand.

If you would like to participate in this crucial community work, please complete the Application Form, or send in your CV.

Flexibility of approach, enthusiasm, team spirit, working under pressure are some of the skills that are essential. Good organizational and administrative and communication skills are most important too.

The work will be of particular interest and benefit political science students, researchers or those who wish to gain experience of lobbying. We would also like to get all se ctions of the community involved, if you are interested in organizing events in your local area, please also get in touch.

Please send your details to: pac@mcb.org.uk

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