Eid Mubarak from the Muslim Council of Britain

05 Nov 2011

I would like to extend Eid greetings on behalf of the Muslim Council of Britain to all Muslims and people of other faiths and communities. May you and your families have a joyous and blessed day.
The great day of Eid ul Adha marks the end of Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah) where thousands of people gather from all over the world in the holy city of Makkah. People from different backgrounds, race and cultures all humble themselves together for the sake of God. The busy hustle of everyday life, wealth, and status are all sacrificed for the serenity and unity around the House of Allah. May Allah accept their Hajj, prayers and return them safely to their homes.

Eid ul Adha revolves around the great tradition of sacrifice of the blessed Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail. Sacrifice is the key to change, development and building stronger communities and societies. For sacrifice means recognising our responsibilities to the others. Today, as we celebrate Eid, we must remember those dying of starvation, particularly, in East Africa, those displaced and orphaned by wars and conflicts, and many elderly in our own country, who face harsh winter ahead with no means to keep themselves warm. I urge everyone to donate generously for these and other good causes.

May you all have a blessed Eid,

Wassalaamu Alaikum,

Farooq Murad,
Secretary General,
Muslim council of Britain

The Muslim Council of Britain was formed in 1997, amongst many reasons, to seek the common good of all. You can learn about our activities on our YouTube video. At a time when Britain is undergoing profound change, the role of Muslims playing a positive role is important now than any time before. I hope you can play your part by donating to our activities and by contributing to our work. The MCB is a democratic organisation and is strengthened by the many mosques and association affiliated to it. If you would like to affiliate your organisation, download the affiliation form.