Delegation from the Muslim Council of Britain meets head of OIC Iran to call for condemnation of Russian aggression in Chechnya

19th November 1999

A delegation from the Muslim Council of Britain has asked Iran in the capacity of OIC Chairman to immediately call a conference of the OIC Foreign ministers to condemn Russian aggression against innocent Chechen people and take strong steps to stop it.

The delegation met the Iranian ambassador in London and was led by Syed Mohammad Tanzeem Wasti, Chairman of the MCB International Affairs Committee. The other members of the delegation were; Secretary General of the MAB Shaikh Kamal Hilbawi of Egypt, Mohammad Hatim al-Tamim of Albania, Mohammad Salcha of Palestine, Bakhri Boya of Kosova, Mohammad Istobola of Sudan and the Secretary General of Hizb-al-Ulama Maulana Yaqub Miftahi.

The MCB delegation reminded the Iranian ambassador that during 1994-96 Russia massacred 80,000 Chechen people. The Russian government promised to hold a referendum for the Chechen independence in 2001 but instead of honouring its commitment it has started slaughtering the Chechens once again. The delegation asked the OIC to demand the Russian government to stop the genocide of the Chechen people at the hands of its forces and punish the perpetrators of this crime. The delegation also demanded that relief and humanitarian agencies be allowed to go to Chechnya.

The delegation appealed to the Muslim countries to take practical measures for the safety of Chechen people and provide financial and other resources to help those go back home who have been displaced by the Russian aggression.

The Iranian ambassador thanked the delegation and promised to convey their message to the Iranian government.