Connecting with the Community Tour Report

06 Sep 2006

The MCB Secretary-General, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, has completed a five week 22-city tour of the UK during which he and other senior MCB officials visited Muslim communities in Burnley, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Batley, Dewsbury, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Blackburn, Brighton, Newcastle, Bristol, Gloucester, Cardiff, Leicester, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Luton and London.

The tour was a welcome opportunity to listen to British Muslims from many different backgrounds all across the country speaking about their aspirations and concerns. One concern that was voiced repeatedly throughout the cities visited was the spectre of a still virulent Islamophobia which was raising its head still higher in the wake of the alleged plane plot of recent weeks.

`The Muslim community fully shares the need to deal firmly with any plot against national security but as partner-citizens and not as a ‘generic suspect’ to be administered mass medication or collective punishment’, said Dr Abdul Bari.

“I am also delighted that following our discussions many additional organisations have now agreed to affiliate to the Muslim Council of Britain,” he added.

A report will be presented to the next meeting of the MCB’s elected Central Working Committee in September 2006 to consider recommendations resulting from the tour.