Conference Announcement

25 Sep 2002

‘The Demographic Profile of Muslims in Britain – Charting a Research Agenda’
Thursday 26 September 2002, London

Until now no one has been able to confirm the actual number of Muslims in the UK, let alone their age demographic, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, or their geographical dispersal. The forthcoming data from the Census 2001, which for the first time included a question on religious affiliation, will now provide concrete statistics on these very issues.

The Muslim Council of Britain is pleased to announce a unique one-day conference aiming to analyse the impact of these data not only on the Muslim community itself, but also the country as a whole. The venue for this groundbreaking conference is the stunning Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in West London.

The Conference will be addressed by nationally and internationally acclaimed authorities on the subject of religious identity, cultural diversity and social disadvantage and include amongst others Professor Tariq Modood MBE (University of Bristol), Professor Muhammad Anwar (University of Warwick), Lucy Haselden (Office for National Statistics), Mohibur Rahman (New Policy Institute) and Iqbal Sacranie (Muslim Council of Britain).

This Conference is an unprecedented opportunity for all those interested in furthering their understanding of Britain’s diverse Muslim community to discuss, debate and begin the process of charting a research agenda pertinent to the needs and aspirations of British Muslims. It will be of particular interest to specialist media services, think tanks, policy makers, social scientists and researchers working in the fields of social regeneration, education and health.

For futher details please contact Dr Aziz Sheikh, Chair of The MCB Research & Documentation Committee, or by phoning The MCB Office on 020 8903 9024.