Chancellor’s Commitment To Tackle ‘Roots of Terrorism’ Welcomed

14 Feb 2006

The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes the commitment made yesterday by the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, in his speech addressing Britain’s security concerns to the Royal United Services Institute, to `tackleĀ…the roots of terrorism’ together with tackling the `social and economic inequalities…that breed resentment.’

`These are important commitments and ones that, if enacted, we believe will contribute towards increasing our nation’s security against the terror threat that faces us all,’ said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

At the same time, the MCB urges the Chancellor to recognise the flawed nature of the Extradition Treaty 2003 with the United States. Under the terms of that Treaty there is no longer any need for the US government to prove to a UK court or even to the Home Secretary that there is a prima facie case against British citizens.

`A British Muslim citizen, Babar Ahmad, is currently being held under the unjust terms of the Extradition Treaty 2003. It is equally important that British citizens, irrespective of their ethnic, religious or racial backgrounds, are sent a clear signal that their rights are being vigorously protected by our government,’ added Sir Iqbal.

Meanwhile, on the eve of its debate, the MCB reiterates its gravest reservations with aspects of the proposed Terrorism Bill, particularly the ‘glorification’ clause, which it believes may be subject to multiple interpretations and possible abuse.