Caring for Muslim Patients

18th July 2000

The Muslim Council of Britain & Radcliffe Medical Press are pleased to announce the official book launch of Caring for Muslim Patients

The House of Lords

Tuesday July 18, 2000


To celebrate a landmark occasion in the history of the NHS in multicultural Britain, HRH Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister are supporting the book launch.

Tony Blair said: “To those of us who have faith it is very important that our beliefs are valued and respected by those we come into contact with in day-to-day life. Lack of knowledge can sometimes cause both great inconvenience and offence. That is why Caring for Muslim Patients is a very useful guide to all those in the medical profession. I wish it every success.”

The launch will be hosted by the former speaker of the House of Commons, Lord Weatherill and attended by various figures from Government departments and health industry and community representatives.

This unique book, edited by Dr Aziz Sheikh and Professor AR Gatrad, is full of practical and constructive advice that will be appreciated by those involved in the planning or provision of healthcare for Muslims.

Originally created to serve a culturally homogenous population, it is widely recognised that the NHS has found it difficult to adapt to meet the needs of religious & ethnic minority communities now found in pluralist Britain.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the principal umbrella body of organisations representing the estimated two million-strong British Muslim community, is organising the launch with Radcliffe Medical Press the publishers of the book. MCB is keen to promote a better appreciation of the needs of Muslim patients, and to suggest ways in which quantitative and qualitative improvements in health care delivery may be achieved.

Sir Alexandra Macara, former Chairman of the British Medical Association, notes in his foreword:

“The elegant and scholarly text is a joy to read; as revelation succeeds revelation, preconceptions are challenged, misconceptions are aborted, and the dawn of enlightenment stirs conviction that believers and non-believers alike must do what they can to respond as fellow human-beings, especially those with the privileged responsibility of a doctor or other healthcare professional.”

Advanced acclaim for Caring for Muslim Patients:

“A rare and sensitive insight into the Muslim faith and how it relates to heath in Britain today. All health professionals who work with British Muslims should read and take note of all that is written in this important book.” Greta Barnes MBE, Director, National Asthma & Respiratory Training Centre

“This landmark publication explains the religious and cultural beliefs of Muslim patients and their families in relation to health and disease and the growing ethical issues that face society. The text is scholarly and written in such a beautiful literary style that I was compelled to read it in one sitting.”

Professor Malcolm Chiswick, University of Manchester

For further information please contact either:

a.. Dr Aziz Sheikh, Imperial College School of Medicine: 020 7594 3384

b.. Professor AR Gatrad, Manor Hospital: 01922 656 558

c.. Radcliffe Medical Press 01235 528 820

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