British Muslims Utterly Condemn Acts of Terror

07 Jul 2005

The Muslim Council of Britain utterly condemns today’s indiscriminate acts of terror in London. These evil deeds make victims of us all. It is our humanity that must bring us shoulder to shoulder to condemn, to oppose and to overcome those who would spread fear, hatred and death.

Our sympathies and our prayers are with the victims, their families and friends.We extend our support and gratitude to the emergency services, the police andĀ all the frontline services charged with our collective security.

“The evil people who planned and carried out these series of explosions in London this morning want to demoralize us as a nation and divide us as a people. All of us must unite in helping the police to capture these murderers. Yesterday we celebrated as Londoners, euphoric that our great city had secured the Olympic Games. Today we watch aghast as we witness a series of brutal attacks upon ourĀ capital city. We were together in our celebration, we must remain together in our time of crisis,” said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the MCB.
“We must and will be united in common determination that terror cannot succeed. It is now the duty of all us Britons to be vigilant and actively support efforts to bring those responsible to justice,” he added.


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