British Muslims Urged to Register to Vote


The Muslim Council of Britain is delighted to be working with the Electoral Commission to encourage Muslims across the UK to register to vote for the upcoming General Election. Politics affects us all, and this is the time for everyone to have their say and make a difference.

Today is National Voter Registration Day (#NVRD) and a UK-wide week of national action (2-8 February) is taking place to inspire people to register to vote. We have partnered with Citizens UK in encouraging registration, and are requesting mosques nationwide to encourage their congregation to register at Juma (Friday) prayers, and other mosque events taking place this week.

Register to vote now

Citizens need to register in order to be able to vote. If they are not registered to vote, they will not have the chance to have a say on who represents them come the May 2015 General Election.

MCB-Vote-BannerWith the new voter registration system, citizens can no longer rely on someone else in their household to register for them. Everyone must register themselves individually. It is now possible to register to vote online at This process only takes approximately 5 minutes, and can even be done from your smart phone.

Alternatively, you can print out the voter registration form and once completed post it to your local Electoral Registration office.

The Muslim Council of Britain encourages all British Muslims eligible to vote to make sure they register. It’s your vote – don’t lose it! We urge all of our affiliates to also encourage their respective membership to register to vote as soon as possible. The hash tag for this drive is #NVRD & do tag @MuslimVote

If you’d like to get more involved in promoting voter registration at your local organisation, contact our Public Affairs & Communications Manager,
Esmat Jeraj at

Your vote matters. Make sure you’re in.