British Muslims Lobby for Foreign Investment to the UK at the World Islamic Economic Forum in Jakarta

11 Mar 2009

A twenty five strong delegation of professionals and entrepreneurs led by the Muslim Council of Britain attended the 5th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Jakarta, Indonesia from 1st to 4th March 2009.

The Muslim Council of Britain’s Business and Economic Committee has organised delegations to each World Islamic Economic Forum since its creation in 2004, which has in previous years been held in Malaysia, Pakistan and Kuwait. This year’s delegation included bankers, accountants, lawyers, academics, civil servants and business people.

One of the aims of the WIEF is to promote partnership between Muslim and non-Muslim business people by forging co-operation across borders among entrepreneurs in Muslim majority countries and those in other countries.

The theme of this year’s WIEF was `Food and Energy Security and Stemming the Tide of the Global Financial Crisis’.

The MCB Secretary-General, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari said:

“The theme of the recent WIEF highlights issues that are relevant to everyone, including the West. The delegations to the WIEF led by the MCB demonstrate our commitment to develop creative solutions and provide an alternative way of thinking.’

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, who led the delegation and is a member of the WIEF’s International Advisory Panel, said:

`The declaration of the 5th WIEF is very relevant given the current crises experienced throughout the world. The UK in particular has an important role in the furtherance of the declaration, which included the promotion of Islamic finance as a viable alternative to the conventional financial system and the balance between food production and consumption as well as energy usage.’

Other themes explored at 5th WIEF included women entrepreneurs as the driving force towards a stronger future and youth leadership.


1. The Muslim Council of Britain is an umbrella body of some 500 mosques, charities and schools.
2. For further information on WIEF and the 5th WIEF Summit visit