British Muslims Launch Book About September 11 And The Aftermath

19 Sep 2002

The Muslim Council of Britain shall be holding a book launch at London’s Central Mosque in Regent’s Park at 10.30am on Thursday 19th September 2002 for their new publication “The Quest For Sanity: Reflections On September 11 And The Aftermath.”

“This is the first major study of its kind about the events of September 11th and the aftermath incorporating the Muslim perspective. The Quest For Sanity is a collection of over thirty papers by both Muslim and non-Muslim specialists about the wide-ranging impact of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks, with a special focus on how it affected British Muslims. At its centre is an urgent call for increased dialogue and understanding between peoples to help remove the causes behind the phenomenon of terrorism,” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the MCB.

The book examines:

– Islamic teachings about dealing with non-Muslims and living in a multi-faith state

– The historical roots of Islam in Britain

– The role of the British media in fuelling Islamophobia: the irrational fear of Islam

– Case studies and personal accounts of how Sept 11 affected British Muslims

– Implications of the ‘war on terror’ for future world order

Many of those who have contributed papers for The Quest For Sanity will also be present.