British Muslims Congratulates President-Elect Obama

05 Nov 2008

The Muslim Council of Britain today sent a congratulatory letter to Mr Robert H. Tuttle, the US Ambassador in London, following the victory of Senator Barack Obama in the Presidential Elections.

Writing to Mr Tuttle, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said:

“I take this opportunity to congratulate you and your fellow citizens in crossing this historic threshold. The election of Senator Obama to be your country’s 44th President has been hugely symbolic and will no doubt be a cornerstone of inspiration for people well beyond the shores of the USA.”

“The campaign has been followed by many people who have no vote in your great democracy. Nevertheless, they have witnessed democracy in action and will no doubt be enthused to enhance democracy and voter participation in their own countries.”

“I wish Senator Obama well as he takes over the mantle of leadership. He inherits a situation where we are still discovering the extent of the global financial crisis, a fragile world where our peace has been threatened and where injustice continues to go unresolved. We hope he carries the goodwill of the world with him as he tries to tackle these problems”.

Commenting on the election, Dr Bari added: “Senator Obama will no doubt be a role model for many people, particularly for young British Muslims. He demonstrates the art of the possible and restores faith in our democratic ideals. I wish him well as he proceeds to fix the damage done in our international system and in the Muslim world following the misadventure in Iraq.”