British Muslims Condemn Israeli Terrorism in Gaza

The Muslim Council of Britain is horrified by Israel’s indiscriminate killing of 18 Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip this morning. Most of those killed were women and children, all killed in their homes. These acts of appalling criminality serve to demonstrate yet again, that many Israelis regard the Palestinian people in a racist manner and as a sub-human species.

Less than one week after the Israeli Armed Forces shamelessly opened fire on a peaceful demonstration of women in the Bayt Hanun district of Gaza, before the cameras of the world, it has returned to kill more innocents.

‘Nothing justifies this repressive and murderous campaign. The Israeli claim that this is in response to the rockets fired from Gaza is plainly ludicrous. The fact that five Israelis have been killed in total in the last six years from these rockets while more than 80 Palestinians have been killed in the last week alone suggests that this policy is wildly disproportionate and calculated to terrorize’, said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

We call upon the British government to use its diplomatic and political influence to put an end to these despicable war crimes and to lift the inhuman sanctions against the Palestinian people so that they may be supplied with desperately needed medicine.