British Muslims Call for Environmental Sustainability

19th September 2014

The onset of flooding in the Jammu and Kashmir regions is another wake up call to the frequency and intensity of natural disasters across the world getting more severe. By consensus in the scientific community, the threat of Global Warming will only worsen the occurrence of such catastrophes, and was cited by Prime Minister David Cameron as ‘one of the most serious threats we face’.

The caretaking of our planet is one issue that everyone must unite over, regardless of faith, denomination or political faction. The MCB wholeheartedly supports the call for environmental sustainability, and encourages its affiliates to embody the Qur’anic injunction calling on all humans to take responsibility as ‘vicegerents on the Earth’.

Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the MCB said, “We support and praise the increasing efforts in the Muslim community towards sustainability, such as the planned Eco-Mosques in Cambridge and Salford, as well as events like MADE’s Eco-Fair at the Regents Park Mosque, aimed at promoting the environmental message among families”. Muslim theologian, Sheikh Shams ad Duha, director of Ebrahim College, comments that, “Muslims must lead on issues of environmental activism, as the rightful position of Muslims when it comes to issues of justice is to be at the forefront.”

On September 23rd, world leaders will be gathering to attend the UN Climate Summit in New York. The MCB would like to see our Prime Minister attending, and committing the UK to be leaders in reducing carbon emissions. We would like to encourage affiliates and Muslims all across the country to join the Climate March on the 21st September in London to pledge our support for preserving God’s green Earth.


– For Mosques looking to get involved with the MADE’s ‘Green Up My Community!’ Campaign, please contact

– For students looking to get their ISocs involved with such wider Campaigns, please contact


  1. The Muslim Council of Britain is the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella body with over 500 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and schools.
  2. MADE in Europe is a UK-registered charity which works to mobilise young Muslims to take action against global poverty through volunteering, campaigning and education.  For more info see more information on the Climate March:
  3. FOSIS is the umbrella body of student Islamic Societies across universities and colleges in the UK: