British Muslim Religious Leaders Urge Community to Vote on 6 May

09 Apr 2010

Muslim Council of Britain launches campaign for British Muslims to engage with our democracy

A range of leading Muslim scholars today outlines a compelling case for Muslims to vote. The statement, signed by imams from Islam’s diverse theological traditions, says that ‘Muslims have an obligation to join hands with others to elect those who will seek the common good.’ The joint statement observes that the forthcoming General Election is an ideal opportunity for voters to reconnect and hold to account their representatives. It is imperative for Muslims to vote on issues that concern them as citizens’. The Muslim Council of Britain urges mosques to convey this message to Muslim congregations at Friday prayers until polling day.

The historic statement also acknowledges the erosion of trust in our democracy as a result of the Expenses Scandal. However, Muslim leaders urge all voters to resist ‘any tendencies towards apathy’. The statement urges Muslims to seize the opportunity: “Muslims should still exercise their judgement and use the opportunity to vote for trustworthy candidates. Candidates who they believe will represent their needs and values better than others, and honourably discharge their duty to seek the common good in a spirit of public service. This election is critical to the health of the parliament.”

With this historic unity statement, the Muslim Council of Britain kicks off a programme of activities ahead of the General Election. While maintaining its non-partisan stand on politics, the MCB will be encouraging British Muslims to play a full part in the democratic and civic life of our country. The MCB will also highlight those public policy issues that will affect Muslims in the next few years.