Books 4 Schools

24 Mar 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain is delighted to announce the launch of Books 4 Schools – an innovative and exciting development in the history of Britain’s Muslim community.

As part of the National Curriculum, the majority of schools in Britain teach Islam as one of the major world religions. This is often a child’s first serious encounter with Islam and has the potential to mould the views that will be carried through into adult life. But many of the resources found in schools to facilitate this teaching are often scarce and even when present either inappropriate or outdated.

With this in mind we feel that it is time for us as British Muslims to act to make the most of this immense opportunity and to turn the tide of negative stereotypical portrayals of Islam by ensuring that every school child in Britain has access to high-quality Islamic resources within their school. These resource packs will be sponsored by the Muslim community and given to the recipient school as a gift.

By providing children with an authentic understanding of Islam, we hope to sow seeds that will flourish into tolerance and harmony amongst Britain’s diverse communities.

The national launch of Books 4 Schools will take place in Manchester on the 27th of March 2004.

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