BBC Must Take Firm Action After Kilroy’s Latest Racist Outburst

07 Jan 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain has written to the BBC to urgently take the necessary disciplinary action following Robert Kilroy-Silk’s disgraceful anti-Arab and anti-Muslim outburst (“We Owe Arabs Nothing”, 4th Jan 2004) in his weekly Express on Sunday column.

“For some time now, many British Muslims have been deeply troubled about why the BBC continues to employ Robert Kilroy-Silk in any capacity, let alone in such a high profile position as the morning chat show host on BBC 1. Kilroy-Silk is, as you must know, a man who positively revels in airing his anti-Arab and anti-Muslim views. We wonder whether you would consider it proper to give the same kind of prominence to a presenter who was so openly anti-black or anti-Jewish?” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the MCB in his letter to Ms Lorraine Heggessey, Controller of BBC1.

In his latest Express on Sunday article, Kilroy allowed his well-known blinkered support for Israel to descend into a gratuitous, ignorant and clearly racist anti-Arab rant. Instead of restricting his abuse to individual criminals he went on to abuse and demonise the entire Arab nation of over 200 million people in a most hateful and bigoted way.

The MCB has also written to the Express on Sunday expressing their shock that a mainstream paper has allowed itself to be used to vent such crass hatred against Arabs and Muslims.


Note for Editors:

1. To read the full text of the MCB’s letter to Lorraine Heggessey on Tuesday 6th January 2004 together with Kilroy-Silk’s original article in the Express on Sunday go to

2. The Muslim Council of Britain ( is the UK’s representative Muslim umbrella body with over 400 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and schools.

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