Animal Welfare or Animal Warfare?

3rd April 2001

The Muslim Council of Britain said today that the terrible spread of the foot and mouth disease across our country should lead to an urgent review of the treatment of animals in our society.

“Modern industrial and intensive farming techniques have been a disaster for the animals, leading to increased stress, damage to their immune system and the consequent easy and rapid spread of infections,” said Dr Abdul Majid Katme, Member of the MCB’s Health and Medical Committee, with responsibility for Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) issues.

“In addition, feeding herbivorous animals like cows and sheep the meat or protein of other animals was totally opposed to nature and led directly to the rise of BSE which has cost the British taxpayer over �20 Billion to date and led to the slaughter of over 3 million cows,” said Dr Katme.

Recent government briefings have indicated that the use of pig swill is believed to have played a key role in the foot and mouth outbreak. Indeed, pig swill is said to have been the decisive factor in 110 out of 200 animal disease outbreaks since 1964.

“Cows, sheep and poultry are part of God’s creation and should be treated responsibly with full respect for their natural and biological needs. Forcing animals into an unnatural diet and lifestyle merely for short-term economic gain has proven to be folly of the highest order. Let us all – farmers, supermarkets and consumers – debate this issue openly for the betterment for all: humans and animals alike,” said Dr Katme.