Actions must be in the interests of the people of the Middle East

31 Mar 2011

The Muslim Council of Britain today issues the following statement on the situation in the Middle East:

The Muslim Council of Britain articulates the majority opinion that supports aspirations for freedom, rights to representative and transparent governance, dignity and peace. That feeling is felt most by Britain’s Arab communities whose loved ones are affected by the events in the Middle East and North Africa.

Whilst there is universal acknowledgement of the murderous nature of the Gaddafi regime, there is also a confident but cautious support for the implementation of a No Fly Zone to stop the Libyan regime from attacking its own people.

We urge the British government that the intervention keeps to the letter and spirit of the UN Resolution 1973. Above all, we must ensure that this action is conducted in accordance with the wishes of the Libyan people. We sincerely hope that this campaign ends soon and that our serving men and women are returned from harm’s way.

Further afield, the Muslim Council of Britain urges our government to be consistent elsewhere in the region and ensure that we speak out against governments perpetrating violence against their own citizens who demand their rights through peaceful protests. In other countries in the region where our government has good diplomatic relations, we must insist that these regimes should not harm civilians and should not remain above international law. Many Britons have relatives and ties to these countries, we would do well to take heed of their anxieties and act in accordance with the long delayed democratic aspirations of the Arab and Muslim world.

We appeal to the mosques and our affiliates to mobilise support for the charities offering relief to the victims of violence and conflict in the region.