A Celebration of Democracy

02 May 2008

Friday, 2 May, 2008, 1pm – As the results of the local elections come in, the Muslim Council of Britain congratulates British Muslims for participating and making their contributions to Britain’s democratic traditions. In the past, the Muslim community has had a higher number of non-registered voters than most communities. Given the large number of grassroots initiatives to encourage voter registration, and with high voter-turn outs reported in London, MCB hopes these elections will usher in a new era of civic participation amongst Muslims.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, said ‘British Muslims have yet again reaffirmed their commitment to participation in the civic and political life of this country. We hope Britain’s Muslim participation will help avert the rise of the far right. British Muslims should continue to engage in civic affairs by participating in councils, scrutinising our politicians and working for the common good. I congratulate all those who have won and hope all of our elected politicians work with all sections of society to create safe and harmonious local neighbourhoods. We are all presented with an opportunity to make a fresh start and help build a better Britain, kick-started from the grassroots.”

For the past few months, the Muslim Council of Britain initiated a range of initiatives to raise awareness and encourage British Muslims to vote. The MCB has worked with the Electoral Commission in a campaign to persuade Mosques and Islamic associations to initiate voter registration. The MCB has also worked with a range of faith and non-faith bodies to encourage voting and to raise local issues. For details, see: www.mcb.org.uk/vote2008

Notes to Editors:

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