A Black Day In Our History

20 Mar 2003

“This is a black day in our country’s history. All along, it has been evident, that the United States government was determined to go to war according to a preset timetable regardless of the deliberations at the United Nations or the extent of co-operation provided by Iraq over disarmament. Our government should not have been a party to this conflict which has only undermined the United Nations, our own democracy and the rule of law,” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the MCB.
The MCB is also deeply concerned that this war will blight relations between Britain and much of the rest of the world, especially with Muslim countries, for a long time to come. By allying ourselves with the hegemonic American drive, our country has put at risk our huge political, economic and cultural ties with the Muslim world.

“This war appears to be part of a plan to redraw the map of the Middle East in accordance with the agenda of Zionists and American neo-Conservatives. A military victory against Iraq and subsequent celebrations will be short-lived as the peoples of the region begin to resist what will be seen as the start of a new colonial enterprise that will not be limited to Iraq. The true cost of this war will only be apparent in due time,” said Mr Sacranie.

The MCB urges all fellow citizens to continue to work in solidarity with the national peace movement and naturally to be on their guard against the agent provocateurs. We should not allow fringe elements to exploit the current tragedy by fuelling Islamophobia and damaging community relations.

Finally, Mr Sacranie said: “Sadly, this unnecessary war will endanger the lives of our soldiers, Iraqi civilians and further destabilise the region. Rather than starting a new inferno in Iraq, our energies would have been better spent in extinguishing the existing fire in Palestine. Palestine only requires a resolute and honest implementation of all the relevant UN Resolutions and not “roadmaps” and endless zigzagging.”


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